Welcome to the Charlotte Business Owners sponsorship program!

Speak to a group of enthusiastic Charlotte-area business owners!

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As a group sponsor, you will get….

  • A sponsorship ad on the left side of the #1 Google ranked www.CharlotteBizOwners.com, with a click-through to your website for the month leading up to the event.
  • A 20 minute presentation to the group at the monthly meeting up to 2 times a year as long as you are a sponsor. One every 6 months if speaking slot available.
  • Inclusion of sponsorship in emails sent to the CBO group notifying members of upcoming meetings and events.
  • Inclusion and exposure from all social media posts and notifications including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Your company prominently promoted for the event in the month that you will be speaking.
  • A quick "shout out" each meeting to the group thanking your company for being a sponsor.
  • Inclusion of sponsorship mention in any press releases distributed regarding the event.
  • Optional: (If you want to) You can offer a special discount or promotion to the group.
  • Optional: (If you want to) A table/place to put out your materials and handouts at each event.
  • Optional:  (If you want to) A fish bowl drawing item for each event given out to a lucky winner/s at the end of each meeting.

Sponsorship Options

Monthly Sponsorship- Ongoing

  • A monthly sponsorship is $50 per month with a minimum 3 month committment which includes 1 speaking engagement.
  • Sponsors/speakers must give presentations that are INFORMATIONAL in nature and NOT a sales pitch.
  • Presentations must be one that provides helpful information to other business owners. Typically, presentations are geared toward topics that will to help them build their businesses.
  • Includes all of the benefits listed above.

Speaker/Sponsorship- 1 month only

  • If you would like to be just a speaker for 1 month with sponsorship your price is $100 for that month.
  • Includes all of the sponsorship benefits that are listed above.

Thankyou for your interest, please contact me with any questions.

Rod Potter (704) 840-4137


Founder of http://www.LinkedInCharlotte.com

Founder of http://www.CharlotteBizOwners.com

Founder of http://www.CharlotteNewInTown.com

Items needed once you become a sponsor include...

  • Email topic that you would like to speak to the group about with topic bullet points (must be informational, not salesy).
  • Send sponsorship payment to rod@rodshomes.com at Paypal asap. (Click on the pay button above.)
  • Email a jpeg,gif or png file of your logo to rod@rodpotter.com that is 120x90 pixels in size.
  • A one liner for underneath of your logo on the frontpage of www.CharlotteBizOwners.com
  • The link that you want you want to use for that click-through logo on the frontpage of www.CharlotteBizOwners.com.
  • Optional: (If you want to)  a BIO of yourself or your company.

SPECIAL OFFER: VIDEO CREATED OF YOUR PRESENTATION If the sponsor/speaker would like, we will record you presentations and create a video of your presentation.

This video works wonderfully for your website, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, email signatures, and more.

This service includes...

  • 2 HD video cameras
  • A Sennheiser lapel mike for quality sound
  • A fully edited video
  • An animated intro and exit for the video.
  • Your logo 
  • Music
  • Titling
  • Uploaded to Youtube
  • A MP4 video file of the video.

PRICE: $500  (a $1500 value)

HUGE BONUS: All sponsor/speakers that get a video made from the presentation to the CBO, will get FREE promotion of that video on ALL of our social media pages including Linkedin profile, 18 Linkedin groups and over 90,000 connections between Linkedin, Linkedin groups, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, websites, person to person groups, etc.